ALPINE Society

There are many opportunities at AIT for students to engage in service to the community - through health care camps, blood donation, advocacy campaigns or working with schools for the underprivileged.
Students are encouraged to take up community service through NSS or join any of the community service projects, to give back to the community.
AIT realizes that environmental protection is a major social issue. So the institute has initiated following activities and the volunteers(students of Engineering & MBA) at Alpine Institute of Technology are involved in a wide spectrum of activities such as Along with a leading newspaper, a mass-media campaign is started to focus attention on water harvesting.

Institute is also working on a water-harvesting project at its campus.
  1. Our students and faculty members actively participated during 'shramdan' to deepen Gambhir dam
  2. Last year, 1 Lac trees were planted in the campus as well as in the Ujjain city
  3. Conducting health camps in rural areas
  4. Organizing blood donation camps
  5. Advocacy on community health
  6. Creating awareness, helping NGOs to raise sponsorship and funds
    • Camps are conducted and social service and raising funds for social organization such as for the blind and orphanages are also undertaken
    • Reaching out with Anti tobacco, Anti plastic advocacy campaigns are also a part of the student activities