Master of Business Administration

(Marketing, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Systems)

Department of Management Studies is a unique study center that provides a comfortable ambiance for teaching and learning for yielding better seeds of talents apart from extracurricular syllabi. We are here to promote our students towards excellence and ideal education that keeps them outstanding in the field of Management.
Starting with just a couple of specialized programs at its inception, the department today has several specialized management programs. The reservation policy of the government of India meant for higher educational institutions is strictly adhered to. The selection procedure for the MBA program is through MP MET conducted by VYAPAM, Bhopal. Apart from routine classroom teaching, the Department of Management Studies often organizes presentations, seminars, workshops, summer training programs and industrial visits.

Why choose MBA as a career?

  • The core courses in the MBA program are designed to introduce students to the various areas of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources and systems.
  • An MBA is one of the most coveted postgraduate degree today not just for business professionals, but for college graduates in general. Having a master’s degree in Business administration is necessary for those who want to gain an advantage in this ultra-tough industry.
  • We offer the best quality education.

Employable skills gained by MBA's

  • Academic Achievement– Demonstrates application and high standards of performance.
  • Communication Skills- Listening, speaking carefully and clearly and the ability to put across your arguments fluently in writing.
  • Analysis- Distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, identifying issues and problems.
  • Practicality- Realism, ability to set attainable goals.
  • Decisiveness- Fact-finding skills, clarity, judgment and courage.
  • Intellectual creativity- The ability to develop new concepts and ideas.
  • Capacity for hard work- Embodying self-motivation, self-discipline and time management.
  • Group and cross-cultural skills- Knowledge of statistical packages, spreadsheets, databases and programming languages. Working with fellow- students from many different nationalities and backgrounds.
  • We offer best quality education at a very nominal fee

MBA in


The MBA in Marketing is a comprehensive program that assist students in applying essential theories in practical situations. In a dynamic field like marketing, while it is essential to possess sound knowledge in the fields of strategy development, branding, advertising and communications amongst others, it is equally essential to have first-hand knowledge of the applicability of such theories in actual situations.
There are enormous career opportunities and options for people with MBAs in Marketing. The most common are corporate positions such as Marketing manager, Brand manager, Market research analyst and Product manager. Persons with strong financial skills could seek a career in strategic or market-related planning. In marketing or advertising agencies, numerous opportunities exist in advertising, direct marketing, and communications specialization.

Career Prospects in

MBA Marketing

  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Sales Manager 
  • Public relation Director

MBA in

Human Resource


The requirement of managers with the competence and skill required to effectively manage personnel at work will be increasingly important to organization in future years. As such an MBA-HRM is required for those who wish to enhance their skills in managing people effectively by ensuring proper workforce planning. The need to have an effective and satisfied workforce that is indispensable is essential for every organization. A career in MBA(HRM) is challenging but equally exciting. It is a fast-growing career field with multiple lucrative opportunities. The requirement of managers with the competence and skill required to effectively manage personnel at work will be increasingly important to organizations in the future years. As such an MBA-HRM is required for those who wish to enhance their skills in managing people effectively by ensuring proper workforce planning.


Career Prospects in MBA

Human Resource Management

  • Human Resource Management
  • Compensation and Benifits Management
  • Corporate Arbitration
  • Industrial and Labour relations
  • Organisational Behaviour and Change
  • Management Training and Development

MBA in


An MBA in Finance offers numerous possibilities and can be an effective tool to help with promotions in the profession. Most prospective jobs for finance MBAs fall within investment banks, corporations and securities firms. Many finance MBAs also follow careers in the consulting industry.
The primary reason why so many opt for this field is that it offers excellent earning potential and rewarding career options in variety of industries. 
Today, an MBA in finance is often the most preferred choice amongst aspirants across the globe.

Career Prospects in

MBA Finance

  • Financial Managers 
  • Financial Analysts
  • Accounting Managers
  • Corporate Controllers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Treasurers and Financial Officers
  • Fund Managers

MBA in


The system Management program includes training in the systems department of organizations, business development, systems consultancy, account management and sales and marketing. Candidates are further trained to develop Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Students are taught customized development of IT solutions in all spheres such as automating attendance punching, putting daily sales, developing Enterprise Resource Planning solutions and distribution of data online. Candidates holding an MBA degree with a sound understanding of systems management are seen as ideal for the job of Project manager in software development activities. 

They are responsible for developing an online network with companies distributed across the country. They can also be recruited in the IT firms for the post of Project Manager, System Analyst and Supporting Experts.

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